Mundo Azul was founded in 1999 with the aim to protect the marine and aquatic biodiversity of Peru. We believe that it is necessary to integrate nature conservation with the fight against poverty, sustainable development and improvement of human and animal welfare.

On a global level, the number of people interested in volunteering in conservation programs has increased hugely over the past decade. This trend confirms the general public’s growing awareness of critical conservation and community development issues and their determination to actively contribute in order to cause positive change. For Mundo Azul it is a thrilling experience to work with people from all over the world. Become a conservation volunteer with Mundo Azul 

Opt for an internship with Mundo Azul.

Or help us saving nature by taking part in one of the wildlife tours of our associated ecotourism operator Nature Expeditions in Peru.

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Be a conservation volunteer with Mundo Azul

Take part in dolphin and wildlife conservation projects, advocacy campaigns, environmental education and much more


Apply for an internship

If you want to dedicate a few months or more to meaningful conservation work in Peru, than this is the option for you.


Book the following trips with Mundo Azuls commercial partner Nature Expeditions in Peru in order to support our conservation work

coastal marine birding               coastal wetland birding                                                     Urban birding in Lima


Protected bird site                                           Coastal desert oasis

Pantanos de Villa                                               Lomas de Lachay                                              Birding in the Andes





Please also support the following conservation campaigns

Save the dolphins          Save the sharks