Dolphin and shark friendly restaurants

Peruvian fishermen do kill thousands of dolphins illegally as shark bait. The sharks themselves are brutally killed and overfished. Support dolphin and shark protection in Peru by only eating in fishfood restaurants certified as dolphin and shark friendly. See the list at the bottom of this page.

The Peruvian cuisine has become world famous for its diversity and high quality. ¨Ceviche¨ (raw fish ¨cooked¨ in lemon juice) is one of the famous ways of preparing fish.  Dogshark (called ¨tollo¨ in Peru) has been a traditional ingredient of many fish food dishes in Peru but was overfished in the nineties due to a lack of adequate fisheries management. When that happened the Peruvian Fisheries Research Institute (IMARPE) promoted the alternative use of big sharks (Hammerhead sharks, Blue sharks and Mako sharks). However they did so without having population estimates and without having a sustainable fisheries management scheme in place. What’s even worst is that this recommendation was published at a time when internationally those top-predator shark species where already declared in danger of extinction.

The obvious consequence was a massive overfishing of sharks in Peru. While the Peruvian fisheries legislation prohibits landing more than 10% of the boats catch being juvenile sharks, the reality looks very different: According to official statistics more than 90 % of the sharks landed are below the legal minimum size (juveniles). The lack of adult sharks clearly indicates the massive overfishing and sends a warning call about the possible extinction of sharks. However the Peruvian government keeps turning a blind eye on the topic.

To make things even worst Mundo Azul uncovered in fall 2013 the illegal killing of thousands of dolphins per year as shark bait in the Peruvian shark fishing fleet. The killing of dolphins for whatever may be the reason is considered an ecological crime in Peru, being punished with several years of jail time. However out in the open sea there is no control. Even though more than one hundred thousand people signed on a protest when our evidence was published, the Peruvian government to date did not take a single step to protect dolphins or sharks so far.

Therefore, when ordering a fish food meal based on ¨tollo¨, ¨tollo diamante¨ or ¨tollo azul¨ you are not only most likely eating illegally caught baby sharks, you are also most likely responsible for consuming fish that was caught by illegally killing dolphins.

Mundo Azul therefore initiated with support from our US partner NGO ¨Blue Voice¨ as well as support from the Canadian firm ¨LUSH fresh handmade cosmetics¨ a campaign to certify Peruvian fish food restaurants that support shark and dolphin conservation by taking all meals based on shark meat off the menu till the government manages to enact and implement significant steps towards dolphin and shark protection.

Let’s use the voice of the consumer to protect those magnificent sea creatures.

Please eat only in certified shark and dolphin friendly fish restaurants. See the list below: