Dolphins killed as shark bait


The largest worldwide illegal killing of dolphins being conducted with unprecedented cruelty by the Peruvian long-line shark fishing fleet.

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See here what Stefan learned when sailing with dolphin killers

An undercover investigation conducted by Stefan Austermühle, Executive Director of Mundo Azul, with support from BlueVoice revealed the illegal killing of up to 15,000 (fifteen thousand) dolphins annually or more, being used as bait for shark fishing by artisanal longline shark fishing fleet of Peru. The fleet also provides the illegal market for dolphin meat for human consumption. Shark fishing with dolphin meat also results in massive overfishing of sharks and leading the populations of these fish to be threatened with extinction. Recorded images reveal unprecedented levels of cruelty being so common in this type of fishing.

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Stefan Austermühle, Executive Director of Mundo Azul has been travelling one month undercover on a Peruvian shark fishing boat in order to expose the illegal killing of dolphins as shark bait in Peru. He says: ¨Dolphins are systematically harpooned to be cut into pieces and serve as free fish bait. It is terrible to witness the cruelty these wonderful intelligent animals do suffer. I will never forget this.”

The Peruvian long-line shark fishing fleet is not only responsible for the illegal killing of thousands of dolphins as shark bait. They are also on the way to exterminate the shark population itself. Latest statistics proof that more than 90% of fished sharks are juveniles, this being a clear indicator for severe overfishing and in itself an illegal act according to Peruvian fishing laws. However the Peruvian government tried to cover up this story.

Help us to show Stefan´s eye-witness report around the world. We have the most of the material. We just need a few additional interviews and the resources for editing and we can produce a one hour documentary in English, Spanish and German version, in order to proof the Peruvian government wrong and to create a global pressure to end illegal shark and dolphin killing in Peru. Your support of our crowd-funding initiative will make it possible to get one step closer to saving thousands of dolphins and hundreds of thousands of baby sharks each year.

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The killing of dolphins is prohibited by law in Peru since 1996. However the killing of dolphins for bait for shark fishing has always been a habit and an open secret in Peruvian fishing. Due to the fact that the killings take place within national waters but far away from the Peruvian coast has made it possible for artisanal fishermen keep this ecological crime a secret to date with the authorities and society.

According to Stefan Austermühle, Executive Director of Mundo Azul, the fate of dolphins and sharks are closely related. According to official statistics, more than 90% of sharks are landed below the legal minimum size, while the law allows only 10% to be juveniles. Austermühle concludes: “The overfishing of juvenile sharks and the illegal killing of dolphins by fishermen threatens the survival of both species.

A covert expedition conducted by Mundo Azul and Blue Voice returned with devastating and indubitable testimonies confirming massive poaching of dolphins by Peruvian artisanal fishermen. This research confirms the results of another study conducted shortly before by the British agency Ecostorm, investigative journalism, which was performed with logistic support of Mundo Azul and Blue Voice.

Both expeditions obtained video footage and very dramatic pictures of the cruel and indiscriminate killing of dolphins and sharks. The dolphins are harpooned and then left to bleed to death while at the same time they are beaten with sticks, and then be cut into pieces, which are used as bait for shark fishing.

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The Executive Director of Mundo Azul, Stefan Austermühle, who sailed in one of the fishing boats, describes his experience as follows: “We recorded the killing of dolphins and sharks underwater and aboard the ship and what we saw was unimaginable and difficult to describe. I was numbed by observing the killing thrue the viewfinder of my camera and I could only think to continue recording to create awareness in society at national and international level and generate immediate changes to these practices.

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