Raising awareness against dolphin killing in Peru

We are estimating that at present each year up to 3000 dolphins are killed illegally in Peru for human consumption.  Mundo Azul’s volunteers are engaged in undercover investigation of illegal sales of dolphin meat. We are then providing the collected intelligence to the Peruvian police and are actively supporting the implementation of police raids. We are also supporting the Peruvian police through capacity building. Raising public awareness and environmental education are further activities of our dolphin conservation campaign. We are engaged in dolphin research providing us with important baseline information for conservation planning. Finally we are promoting whale and dolphin watching as a sustainable economic alternative to illegal dolphin killing. Raising awareness against dolphin killing in Peru is an ongoing long-term effort that has to be implemented on many different levels. Read also about our environmental educationprograms. Read at the bottom of this page what you can do to stop illegal dolphin killing in Peru.

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Page author: Stefan Austermühle

Reviewed by: Lori Moak-Keen

Last updated: 2010.06.11.


National and international media campaign:

Mundo Azul is involved in ongoing local, national and international media campaigns to raise awareness.


Local and national awareness campaigns:


Campaign “Let’s protect the dolphins” (2003 – Ripley / Mundo Azul)

In 2003 Mundo Azul and the retail company Ripley implemented a national awareness campaign for the conservation of dolphins. Captain Javier Gaviolo Tejada, Director for Environmental Issues of the Central Direction of Harbor Officials and Coast Guards from the Peruvian Marines and Mr. Carlos Herrera Gonzales, Chief of the Division for Ecological Crimes of the National Police of Peru participated in the initial press conference and announced their full and active support for the implementation of this campaign.

The campaign consisted of selling special T-shirts and the book “Inca Guide to the Beaches of Peru” in the shops of Ripley. Author of the Inca Guide to the beaches of Peru is the Peruvian Nature photographer and biologist Walter Wust, who is a member of Mundo Azul’s Board of Directors.

A part of the income generated from the sales of the books were donated by Ripley to Mundo Azul’s undercover investigation on the illegal market of dolphin meat and supported the police enforcement in several coastal cities.

This is the first time that Ripley supported in such a massive way, a campaign for the conservation of nature and we are doing it because we feel that this is a very important topic. Nevertheless, the full support of the government and the citizens in general is needed in order to fulfill our objectives,” said Felipe Bayly Letts, Product manager of Ripley, and concluded with the slogan of the campaign: “We protect the dolphins and respect nature. Do the same!”

Conservation calenders and local awareness campaign in Pucusana port (2002)

Raising awareness against d

With sponsorship from the Swiss NGO “Working Group for the Protection of Marine Mammals” (Arbeitsgruppe Zum Schutz Der Meeressäuger” – ASMS) Mundo Azul implemented in 2002 a nationwide awareness campaign by printing 2000 calendar-posters and 3000 information leaflets containing information about why to protect small cetaceans and the national laws doing so.

The information material was distributed by our volunteers within the fishing community of Pucusana and to governmental and other institutions as well as media in Lima. While distributing the material, our volunteers had the opportunity to deepen the effect of the information material by talking to local people and discussing the topic. The awareness campaign was accompanied by intensive media work on a national and international level.

Raising awareness against dolphin killing in Peru 2

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Page author: Stefan Austermühle

What you can do to stop the dolphin slaughter in Peru

  1. Stay informed and connect to our various social network profiles, RSS-feeds and/or the newsletter
  2. Spread the word: share this web-page with your social network friends (see our add-it function) or send out the link by email.
  3. Go whale watching and dolphin watching in Peru with Nature Expeditions: This way you are directly supporting Mundo Azuls research and conservation work and you are showing the Peruvian public that tourism can be an economic alternative to dolphin killing.

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