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Everything to know about marine animals captivity

Everything to know about marine animals captivity

Captivity is a so common thing you can see. Do you think all those animals inside the captivity are happy and feeling good, it is not. Because you are restricting their activities and putting them inside a closed area which going to affect their independence completely. Not only those land animals, but the marine animal captivity is also increasing slowly. These marine animals are closed inside the concrete tanks including those big marine mammals whales and dolphins. Here is the content which going to explain how the harm to wildlife of keeping marine mammals in captivity, to get to know go further.

captivity affects marine animals

Marine life of marine mammals

Usually, all those marine animals used to live an independent life especially those marine mammals like whales and dolphins. The one thing that most of them don’t know is like humans these whales and dolphins have a strong bond with their families and thus they are used to travel as a group. These mammals used to travel for hundreds of miles and sometimes turn to trace their path to return.

Another amazing fact about the whale is they don’t stay at a place they continuously swim even while they are in sleep. Thus these mammals are also called voluntary breathers. These whales and dolphins jump over certain meters but it is even tough to swim inside those concrete tanks. In this case, think captivity affects marine animals in which ways.

Captivity life of marine mammals

The captive animals never experience those free movements. The confinement completely affects the whale and dolphin’s movement they could travel only for few meters because there are inside the concrete tank. The size of that concrete tank will be like a small swimming pool in that case how they could live the same happy life inside the tank. Especially the whale or dolphin should live all alone inside the captive tank which going to affect them mentally. According to the study, the whale or dolphin in confinement will experience certain skin issues especially those orcas whales. So keep marine mammals in tanks is a completely inhuman activity.

The marine mammals are not suitable for confinement, of course through captivity you can attract your tourists but remember it is an inhuman activity. At the same time, this marine mammal’s captivity going to affect the marine ecosystem somehow remember it.

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